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So, you're getting your house ready to sell. Unless you live in a builder's new home model, your home is not ready to be put under the buyer microscope. Susan will be your impartial cold eye of reality that can help make your house stand out from the others in these especially tough "Buyers Market" times.

The TV shows say you only have to clean up, losing the clutter, pack up the pets and remove the family photos and the buyers will be beating down your door with awesome offers. Sure they will...That advice is a good start, but there's a whole lot more to it then that.

Is your house already on the market? Has it been there for awhile? Are you in a subdivision that has five other houses just like yours for sale too? Have you already moved and it's empty? Instead of letting your agent talk you into dropping the price to sell your home faster - Stage it. It's never too late. Ask yourself, what is more appealing - spending around $600* on staging or reducing the selling price of your home by $20,000? Even if you have to hire out or do some minor repairs & changes - it still won't be that much. Just do the math. Staging is a crucial step, not only in selling your home, but selling it for the price you want and it deserves.

Plan 1 - Exterior & interior room by room consultation. Report and itemization of suggestions with a follow-up visit.

Plan 2 - Walk through of exterior & interior with advice. (No written report)

Plan 3 - Hands on room by room staging by Susan's design team. Includes before staging consultation.

"Dear Susan, I really want to thank you for helping me with my client's home. Your great selection of paint colors for her kitchen, living room & bathroom turn out so nice and the furniture rearrangement really made a big difference. It was a delight to show!! Thanks again for Your Expertise."

- Janet Winston, Winston Realty 708-481-6597

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* average price for a Plan 3 staging without accessory or furniture rentals


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