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Got stuff? Don't know where to put it all? Do you own your possessions, or do they own you? If your home or office has been taken hostage by your clutter, it is time to break free. Reclaim your space and discover the peace a well organized and uncluttered area can bring. As a professional organizer and a member of NAPO, National Association of Professional Organizers, Susan can help you achieve the tranquility of organization.

The best and only way to become organized is by the hands on buddy system method. If you truly want to become clutter free and experience a sense of order, you need to have a part in the purging process. But don't worry, you won't be alone. Susan will be there digging along side of you, offering impartial advice, and helping you make the hard 'keep it', 'pitch it', 'donate it' choices. Together - with you using sweat equity, Susan can guarantee you'll get your space back. You'll learn new sorting skills, organizing tricks and experience first hand the tremendous happy high you get from completing a dreaded, once hopeless task. Part therapy, part cleaning, this method is the most effective way to make a lifestyle change and have it stick.

Hands-on organizing is a hourly service that involves a seperate before organization consultation. If contracted for services, this fee will be applied to that project.


Before & After Professional Organization Services

InFocus Design InFocus Design
InFocus Design InFocus Design
InFocus Design InFocus Design
InFocus Design InFocus Design
InFocus Design InFocus Design

"Working with Sue as a professional organizer was a delight. She was professional, creative, spontaneous, and took a personal interest in making sure my individual needs were met. Sue is not timid about rolling up her sleeves and digging into a project, no matter how challenging, and she does so with enthusiasm and a smile. Her efforts have made a difference in my home."

- DMG La Grange Park, Illinois

"With Susan's help, Not only did my home office get organized, but she taught me how to keep it that way. Her timely tips and great advice have helped me become more productive and efficient. She also showed me a cool trick concerning my desk and how to keep it always organized by creating color zones. The best thing about Susan is that she rolled up her sleeves and dug right in along side me. "

- KM - Naperville, Illinois

Susan P. Powell
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