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Change doesn't have to cost a lot. All of us want beautiful homes and living spaces. We see it in magazines and on television - "Do it yourself!", "You can do it!", It looks so easy. But where do you start? What colors do you choose? What to change? What to keep?

Contrary to cable television, it's not quite as easy as it looks without professional guidance. That guidance is the person you don't see on camera. That's the person who helps make it look so easy. That person is - The Interior Design Consultant.

Susan P. Powell - Interior Design Consultant

Susan P. Powell is a Prairie State Design Graduate and possesses over 24 years of experience in retail merchandising and design. Susan is inventive and creative, cleverly manipulating ordinary items and spaces and transforming them into the extraordinary.

Susan specializes in residential and commercial interiors, space planning and organization. Susan is an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

Why Hire An Interior Design Consultant?

Enlisting the aid of an Interior Design Consultant isn't something only the rich or clueless do. Everyone can benefit from the service, advice and impartial opinions an Interior Design Consultant can offer. From complete project control to working with you on every phase of your design, an Interior Design Consultant can do it for you and with you.

What Does An Interior Design Consultant Do?

An Interior Design Consultant is someone who will guide you in all areas of choice tailored to your individual taste. Susan will show you the how, where, when and why of transforming your space into a comfortable awe-inspiring atmosphere.

InFocus Design

Does your house measure up?

By Susan P. Powell, Interior Design Consultant Crete IL
NAPO -National Association of Professional Organizers Interior Reinventing Space

Susan P. Powell
P.O. Box 222 Crete, IL 60417

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